• Poetry From A Flourishing Land is now available!

    We are excited and proud to introduce this limited edition, hardcover book! Along with the companion audio CD, it releases a breath of fresh hope! The professional photography and professionally performed Irish music that accompanies the poetry, both written and spoken, will fill your soul with delight as you see a nation as God sees her.

    For those who are Irish and those who wish they were, you will recognize the beat of your own heart as you listen and see—and flourish!

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    We’ll do our best to have US orders to you in time for Christmas, provided you order in the next few days!

    Books are set to arrive in Dublin just after the New Year. We’ll let our European friends know as soon as they arrive. Watch Facebook, our blog, and this page. Orders placed from Europe will be shipped from the Republic of Ireland.

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  • In Love Where I Belong – Brenda D. VanWinkle

    It’s a message that crosses every man-made line, and reaches the heart of both lowly and lofty. It’s a longing that shows itself in innumerable ways in everyday life. And it’s a desire put there by Creator God, to draw us into the one relationship in which the longing finds fulfillment. It’s a message of Belonging.

    Interweaving Biblical stories and truth with stories from her life, Brenda invites the reader into knowing that not only is it part of the human condition to want to belong, but it is the Father’s desire to satisfy that desire with Himself.

    Religion has told us we need to change to belong in ‘the church’. Jesus invites into a relationship with Himself from the perspective that we already Belong in the Father’s heart, and when we Believe and embrace His offer, we Become who we were created, destined, and intended to Be.

    This book has crossed cultural and denominational lines, bringing hope to those who know God as well as those who have given up ever ‘finding’ their place in Him. It’s a message – a book – you can’t afford to miss.


  • An Unclouded Sun – Brenda D. VanWinkle

    Terror was an ever-present danger. The uncertainty of the times lent itself to fear, hopelessness, and despair as the nation never knew when and where the next strike would come.

    Into this scenario stepped a national leader – a woman- named Deborah. As one who knew the voice and heart of the God of her land, she not only settled disputes with wisdom: it was she who received and helped carry out the battle strategy to defeat terrorism. Her rule, her voice, brought forty years of peace to her nation. Ancient Israel was secure for another generation.

    Amazing how both the scenario and the solution of this Bible story applies to our modern day. An Unclouded Sun weaves the hope and truth found in Deborah’s story with real life, practical applications for living in hope in the 2000’s.

    Using her gift of storytelling, humor and insight, Brenda gives us tools to help see our nations alive with God’s blessing, with peace and hope overflowing into generations to come.

    Iverna Tompkins said, “An Unclouded Sun isn’t just a good read – it’s a must read!”



  • Thaiann Siam and the Christmas Miracle – Brenda D. VanWinkle

    Has there ever been a child who didn’t long for a pet? Bridgett did, and against all odds, a Siamese kitten named ThaiAnn Siam came to live in her childhood home. When tragedy struck Thai just days before Christmas, Bridgett knew only a miracle could save her furry little friend’s life.

    The refrain of this true story, brought to life in vintage-style artwork, brings hope to readers of all ages: ‘There’s nothing that God cannot do!’