Meaning of “Bespoken”


Old English, Bespoken means:

Definition: To ask for in advance
In Everyday Life: What we do in intercessory prayer

Definition: To make arrangements
In Everyday Life: Preparing and equipping people to live fully alive: bringing hope to the weary.

Definition: To speak, to address
In Everyday Life: Using our voice to teach and train, to worship

Definition: To show, indicate
In Everyday Life: When God is present, anything is possible! His goodness is expressed in so many ways as He heals, restores, and refreshes.

Definition: To declare or foretell
In Everyday Life: Prophetically speaking the Word, the heart of God, into lives and situations. At His word, change happens! Atmospheres shift, hope and encouragement are renewed.

Definition: Tailor made clothing
In Everyday Life: A bespoken garment fits like a glove and is one-of-a-kind! The Father’s love is like that for each of us. He knows our needs and meets each of us as we are. He covers us in so many ways, and in Him we are safe.

Father, Creator God spoke the world into being. He also spoke identity over each of us as we were knit together in our mother’s wombs.
Therefore, we are sons and daughters, children of God. His Word, spoken and declared over our lives, evokes hope; defines and sets in motion our destinies and future.

As Bespoken, we rely on Holy Spirit to release the voice of His Bride, the church, in worship, praise, prophetic declaration. To unlock language to define and create destiny.