The Jericho 500

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Us on the outskirts of Jericho in Israel

There is a longing ache in people around the world for fathers and mothers to love, lead, provide and protect. Not only is this true in the natural sense; it is true in the spiritual, as well. Jim and Brenda have been honored to serve the nations as spiritual father and mother for over 25 years – and the greatest assignment of their lives is just beginning!

October 2018 found us serving the Body of Christ in Ireland. Late one evening a friend with whom we were staying suddenly leaned across the table and gave us a prophetic word which stated, in essence: “The Lord says it’s time to start The Jericho 500! It’s NOW!” We did not know what he was speaking of and neither did he as this was the first time this name or statement had come to his mind, but he was clearly hearing this admonition to us from the Lord and repeated it once again. We have spent much time in prayer and discussion with those who speak into our lives as well as study in an effort to understand the call God has issued to us. One thing that is clear is that we will not, at least at this time, have a clear cut outline, a point-by-point diagram of what all The Jericho 500 entails. Rather, we have been invited on a journey with the Lord to hear His heart, walk with Him and partner with Him as together we watch the Jericho 500 take form and shape. Will you join in the adventure?

Why 500 and why Jericho?

These, to us, are the first and most obvious questions. While most of us are familiar with Jericho because of the story of Joshua and the walls falling down, we have come to learn there is much written about this city in the Bible. The one that applies here is found in 2 Kings 2 and is a story of Elijah and Elisha. This story takes place 500 years after the walls of Jericho fell at the trumpet blasts and shouts of God’s people.

Then Elijah said to Elisha, “Stay here, for the Lord has sent me on to Jericho. But Elisha said, “As the Lord lives, and as your soul lives, I will not leave you!” So they came to Jericho. Now when the sons of the prophets who were from Jericho saw Elisha, they said, “The spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha.” Verses 4 and 15.

We learn from these and other passages that 500 years after Jericho’s destruction, it is rebuilt and hosts a School of the Prophets led by Elijah and Elisha! THIS IS the basis of the J 500.

What Do We Mean By a School of the Prophets?

The short answer is – many things! One thing we know for sure, this is not about a curriculum but a lifestyle.

Many locations around the world host prophetic schools and classes, trainings and instruction. The main goal is to learn to hear the voice of the Lord, accurately discerning His voice from all others. Then, having heard His voice, speaking out what He is saying to build up and encourage and perhaps, warn the listener. In other words, developing a face-to-face relationship with the Father through Jesus the son, with the Holy Spirit always pointing the way to Jesus. Another expression of the prophetic is that of sharing how your life has been changed and impacted with the reality and influence of the Gospel message. Our testimony, or life story of God’s interaction with us, offers the listener the opportunity for faith, courage, belief and joy to rise up so they, too can seek His face. (See the note on Revelation 19:10 below.)

Zechariah 2 has been highlighted to us for years, and is now an initial roadmap for these Jericho 500 schools. In this passage, the need for and importance of the Craftman Anointing is made clear, as it is the craftsmen who both tear down that which is set against the Lord and build up a habitation for His presence. We are encouraging those who join us to express creativity and craftsmanship in fresh, new ways as an expression of how God is at work.  Doing so is releasing a deeper ability to hear the Father’s voice, and expressing the creativity He has put within each of us is bringing release, healing and restoration to individual lives and to relationships. We’re relearning how to allow our hearts to speak without words, a vital part of the prophetic journey in this new era renaissance.

Many years ago we were given a prophetic word that we would have schools in the nations. Having no grid whatsoever for that, we ‘tucked it away’, asking the Lord to let it fall to the ground if not of Him, and for HIM to bring it to pass if is was. So now that He is once again speaking to us of schools, we had to seek Him for what the means; what it looks like.

Chatting with a Messianic Jewish friend in early 2019, we asked him some of our more pressing questions, hoping for some enlightenment from a Hebrew language perspective – and he had the pieces we were missing. He explained that in our western mindset, when we think of schools we think of a building, curriculum, classrooms and rules. However, in the Hebrew tradition the concept of school is quite different.

The Hebrew concept of school, what Elijah and all the rest would have pictured and expected in their day, is more like a school of fish. A group of people, no matter how many, who go through life together in harmony and ‘in sync’. Rather than set times to meet and strict rules and expectations of what may happen when they do meet, a ‘school’ in this sense is an organic expression of doing life together, Learning of the Lord and His ways, coming to know His heart through shared life experiences. This is the goal and heart of The Jericho 500. Revelation 19:10 tells us the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Therefore schools of the prophets are needed in this hour to help bring forth the testimony of Jesus in the nations.


Where will these schools be held?

For many years our focus has been on Europe, beginning in Ireland. We have heard Him say that when the Fatherland (Germany) and Motherland (Ireland: more on these definitions to follow) remember and walk in their true identity, there can be many spiritual children born all across Europe.

Once the concept of The Jericho 500 was birthed we began hearing: Motherland, Fatherland, Holy Land, which is Israel. These three nations are our focus. As we continue to deepen and develop relationships in each of these lands, we realize we are ‘swimming together’ in a Kingdom river, a divine flow. Join us as we learn to see with long-term vision and wait patiently on the Lord to show us this very unique expression of His love to the nations.

How can you be involved?

As noted, this beautiful plan is continuing to unfold. Here are some steps we can take, together:

1. Prayer. It cannot be overstated that prayer changes things. That prayer opens doors and brings about the miraculous, activates angelic help and protection, and more. We need those who will stand with us in prayer, taking the time required to lift us and these nations in intercession, regularly. 

2. We ask not that you give to us, but that you make an investment into the good soil of the Kingdom of God as expressed through The Jericho 500. Part of the original prophetic word is that the Lord will bring 500 individuals who will give $111 annually. When your gift arrives, you will be put on our triennial mailing list. These updates are J500 specific: what we are doing, what is happening in these nations, how to pray, etc. They will contain more in depth and secure information than the newsletters. If you would like a tax receipt, you may give through our mission board, World Indigenous Missions, at This will also give you the option to give through PayPal. We are using the Signal app to communicate regularly with Jericho 500 members. Once you have joined by sending your $111, download the Signal app (the icon looks like an empty conversation bubble), and when you let us know you’re on, we’ll add you to the thread.