Poetry From Flourishing Land




Ireland. Once this Emerald Island was known as The Land of Saints and Scholars, the land of poets and singers, songwriters and dancers. While in past decades Ireland has taken on identity not her own, this DNA of Godly creativity and expression still remains within the land and her people. In our day, God is reawakening these gifts within the Irish and we will soon see a resurgence of His life erupting from her shores!

In this book and CD collection, author Brenda VanWinkle has tapped into her own Celtic DNA to produce poetry of hope and vision for Ireland and Northern Ireland. A gifted Irish flute player from the north added her expression to the CD as she played along to Brenda reading the poetry. In this full-color, hardcover book, a professional photographer from the south shares his stunning photographs of Irish scenes to help make the poetry come alive. Even if you aren’t given to reading and listening to poetry, this collection will capture your heart and give you an understanding of how to pray for the land.

Comments from Irish people who have read and listened include:

“How can an American woman write poetry that makes Irish people cry?”

“ You have somehow tapped into the spirit of the ancient church fathers here in the land and expressed our deep longings.”

“Thank you for this project. You awakened in me a deep remembrance of who we are a people truly are.”

A limited number of copies remain of this Limited Edition project.


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