Jim & Brenda VanWinkle

are the founders and the voices of BeSpoken International. As parents of four grown children and grandparents of three, the VanWinkles are on a continuous journey of learning not only what it means to be a dad and mom, but also what it means to be a son and a daughter of God.

By trade, Jim is a carpenter and Brenda, a writer and speaker. Together they have been in full – or part-time ministry for over 30 years. Church planting, teaching ESL on a foreign field, intercession, evangelism and leadership training have been part of their journey.

Having spent 15 years ministering in Asia, the focus of their call has now shifted to Europe, Ireland being the starting place. Family reconciliation, mentoring with a Kingdom emphasis on being sons and daughters of God, and identity as such, comprise the foundation of our ministry.

Jim is gifted as a pastor and evangelist. Brenda is an intercessor and teacher and brings a prophetic gift to bear on her insights. They share a deep love of God’s word, and enjoy exploring and discussing its depths together.

Welcome to the family! Together, may we as God’s sons and daughters, discover what it means to love our Father with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and explore ways to articulate His goodness to a world longing for home.

Welcome to BeSpoken.